The shortest path to simple animation with the most popular plotting libraries for python.

Sometimes it just makes sense to animate a visual. Animation can help understand data in a more complete way. If your medium is the screen you may find yourself needing to animate occasionally. The next question you ask will be, “which toolkit should I use for the animation.” Here I compare the process for creating a basic animation like the one below with Matplotlib and Plotly.

The Data

We are going to animate the fitting of a linear regression model with gradient descent. …

Bootstrap estimation of confidence intervals with python

Photo by Callie Morgan on Unsplash

I’ve spent my career as a musician and a nonprofit administrator (of a nonprofit I started with some other musicians to help “make the world a better place one tango at a time”). Like many nonprofits we host events and accept donations. This year, because of the pandemic, we have moved to an online events model. One of the many exciting things about this format is our events are now more similar to each other.

Did I hear you mutter “Thats not exciting?” Le’me explain…

In my past life touring around the country we would play the same show in…

Why "apple pie" is not "apple pie"

Photo by Danil Aksenov on Unsplash

The is operator in python is fascinating when you start to play with it. After looking at the example below you should be left questioning reality, wondering what is going on and asking yourself whether an apple is an apple?

(All examples are python 3.7.9)

>>> a = 'apple'
>>> b = 'apple'
>>> a is b
>>> a = 'apple pie'
>>> b = 'apple pie'
>>> a is b
>>> a = b = 'apple pie'
>>> a is b
>>> ['apple'] is ['apple']
>>> a, b = 257, 257
>>> a is b…

UPDATED 5/10/2020: The process for starting Jack on the mac is now much easier thanks to feedback from the oakland based violinist, Hereen Oh. Thank you!

Playing music together is hard in the era of stay-at-home orders and the coronavirus. Fortunately we were able to make it work and them some, but it wasn’t easy. The open source software we use is often out of date, or incompatible with other modern operating systems. I’m not complaining. It’s all open source and written by volunteers. I think it is amazing that this exists at all.

Everyday people write me to ask…

Ben Bogart

A Bandoneonista and Data Scientist in training.

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